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Hydrophobic silica is a specially treated silicon dioxide. It is reacted by hydrophilic silica and silane coupling agent under suitable conditions, to prepare a kind of solid powder silica with polysiloxane grafting surface according to different industry requirements.
IOTA FINE-SIL520A silicon dioxide for toothpaste is amorphous powder, tasteless, insoluble in water or acid, chemically inert, has good solubility with fluoride toothpaste and other raw materials, structure and particle size of silica can be controlled by production conditions, according to different types of toothpaste, respectively produce 3 types: friction type, mixed type and thickening type.
IOTA FINE Silicon dioxide is a kind of superfine precipitated silicon dioxide (known as silica) made by special processing technology. It has excellent reinforcement and dispersion, many years of production practice shows that it can replace fully or partly of expensive fumed silica which has greatly reduce customers’ production cost.
Йота 96211 силиконового эластомера конденсата
Йота 96082 силиконовые смолы эластомеров подвеска
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