Силиконовое масло

IOTA ST3 Fast self drying super hard nano ceramic coating
Modified hydroxypropyl silicone oil (aqueous system)IOTA2040
Double-ended hydroxypropyl silicone oil (oily system)IOTA2030
IOTA 7000 (6000 anti-fogging agent) is a two-component product that needs to be used with our curing agent.
The terminal epoxy polyether silicone oil is a double-active silicone epoxy resin intermediate having a polysiloxane segment with an epoxy group and a polyoxyethylene ether segment at both ends and a linear polysiloxane segment in the middle. Because it has an epoxy group, it can be cured with an amine-based curing agent, and is widely used as an additive for epoxy resin. It is also an important intermediate for the synthesis of block silicone oil by replacing the epoxy resin.
his product is colorless or slightly yellowish transparent liquid, used for the synthesis of epoxy terminated polysiloxane, the process is simple and easy to operate. Low energy consumption, low material consumption, no solid waste, energy saving.
The acrylate-modified polysiloxane has excellent flow promotion, degassing effect and anti-backlash effect.
The acrylate-modified polysiloxane has good flow promotion, transparency in varnish, and anti-cratering action.
Hydroxypropyl silicone oil is a linear organofunctional polysiloxane that can be used as an active component in a suitable polymer due to the presence of a terminal primary hydroxyl group.
This product code is IOTA 105-1000. The product function is mainly used as one-step synthesis raw material of different molecular weight epoxy silicone oil. The direct synthesis method has solvent-free, light color, crystal clear, simple process, convenient use and good reproducibility.
Hydrophobic silica is a specially treated silicon dioxide. It is reacted by hydrophilic silica and silane coupling agent under suitable conditions, to prepare a kind of solid powder silica with polysiloxane grafting surface according to different industry requirements.
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